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Connect with your Higher Self

This section of resources and practices are describing something that has many names. The concept of higher self is also referred to as the soul, the spirit, the collective unconscious (Jung), among many other names for this part of ourselves that may or may not require a belief in an energy or consciousness that exists independently of the physical body.


The personal unconscious part of ourselves is defined by Jung as the  contents of our minds which have at one time been conscious but have disappeared from consciousness through having been forgotten, repressed or ignored. It contains the whole of all of our life experiences from the time of birth onward. Of course, this is a larger part of our memories than can be consciously recalled.


It is the unconscious mind which is contacted in hypnosis, where the therapist attempts to relax the conscious mind so that the words and concepts are not blocked and can slip through to directly influence or reprogram the unconscious mind in those areas which are causing problems.


The concepts of soul and spirit refer to that part of our consciousness that survives the death of our physical bodies. As a therapist, it is important for me to know the beliefs of my clients in this area as it will help me to provide them with appropriate interventions that do not clash with their beliefs.


This is a very broad area, so my attempts to find a few helpful resources to put here will inevitably ignore huge areas of this domain, so I must stick to the things that I have experienced to be helpful to others.


Mindfulness Meditation

Meditation is a great way to tune-in to the sensations of your body and to stay in present time, as opposed to obsessing about possibilities that could happen in the future that you have no control over. It has many other proven benefits as well. Meditation  provides an opportunity to experience universal aspects of stillness and well-being, clarity, wisdom, compassion, and self-compassion. This page is a practical guideline to begin a daily practice of meditation. In Geneva, one can also take a Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course in English. This is an eight week class that meets once per week and requires about 30 minutes of meditation per day.


A Course In Miracles

This is a very unusual book, much like the bible in format and tone, but it would be called blasphemist by most religions because it delivers the strong message over and over that we are all divine beings. It has strong themes of forgiveness and love and tuning in to the spiritual aspect of all things. I include this here because it has been very helpful to me and a few of my clients who have used it, but requires a certain amount of commitment to do a daily lesson. The whole text is available online for free. I suggest starting with the 365 Lessons, one for each day of the year.


Hypnosis Downloads, Uncommon Knowledge

This web site sells self-hypnosis audios which can be downloaded as mp3 files and used whenever you wish. This is one of the better providers of this material. Self-hypnosis means that you do not need a hypnotherapist to guide you, however it may not be as tailored to your specific needs as in-person hypnosis would be. They still can be quite helpful if you use them. Do not listen to these while driving.

How to Talk to Your Spirit Guides

In this seven-minute video, Gabby Bernstein tells us how to make a connection with the beings who are all around us waiting for us to ask them for a connection so that they can help us.

Mediumship and Channelling

Another way to connect to your higher self or to get advice from the spirit realm is to speak with a medium. My wife, Gloria Montanari does this work, and is very good at it, in my biased viewpoint. If you would like to explore what this could do for you, I invite you to contact her. Her web site is here. Her web site is in French but she also speaks English, Italian and Spanish.

Ten Steps to Contacting Your Higher Self

The Higher Self is that part of you that connects you directly to the spiritual realms. It is eternal, infinitely wise and transcends our everyday consciousness. It is in touch with the Divine because it is part of it. Attaining knowledge of the Higher Self, and its depths of inner wisdom, is the goal of the spiritual question in all its many guises....  Asoka Selvarajah

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