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Education and Certification





1980 - Bachelors in Sociology, University of Notre Dame, Indiana, USA

1985 - Masters in Social Work, Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA


Continuing Professional Education Record


Professional Licenses


To practice as a Social Worker in the State of Minnesota, USA, one needs to be licensed by the Minnesota Board of Social Work.  I have been licensed since 1989 with a clean record of practice. I earned my Licensed Independent Clinical Social Work (LISCW) license in 2003 after three years of supervised clinical practice and after passing the Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB) Clinical examination. An outline of the content of the clinical examination can be viewed here.   


Professional Associations


I am a member of the American Psychotherapy Association, Diplomate status. My ID number is 15816.


I conform my practice to the National Association of Social Workers Code of Ethics.


Right to Practice in Switzerland

I am also a member of the Suisse Fondation ASCA. My ASCA therapist number is RCC F437162. My ASCA certificate for 2021 can be viewed below.

My therapy and counselling practice is registered with the Etat de Genève Registre du Commerce as an "Entreprise individuelle" and my Numéro fédéral is CH-660-2134007-4.






Diplomas, Licenses and Certificates

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Cont Ed

Continuing Professional Education Record

Employed by Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA - 1992-1999




National Conference on Unaccompanied Refugee Minors

Pro-Social Thinking

Intensive In-Home Therapy

Effective Use of the DSM-III-R

Beginning Clinical Hypnosis Training (14 hours)

Growing Beyond Abuse



National Foster Parent Association Annual Conference (15 hours)

Addictive Organizations


Adolescent Development



Advanced Clinical Hypnosis Training (14 hours)

Proactive Management (22 hours)

Attitudes Towards Differences:  Diversity Train-the-Trainer Program (14 hours)



Family Group Conferencing- 3 day Restorative Justice Training

Unaccompanied Refugee Minors National Conference



Wraparound Services Training (19 hours)

Mental Health Needs of Children in Foster Care

Narrative Therapy

Anger: A Creative Energy

Families: Understanding and Nurturing Their Spiritual Health

Management Forum Conference

New Managers Orientation

Legislative Advocacy

Group Work with Difficult Adolescents

Annual Minnesota Social Service Association conference

Accounting and Finance

Budget Preparation and Monitoring



Performance Reviews

Wraparound: The Advanced Track

Redrawing the Circle: Concurrent Planning

Negotiating Your Way to Success

Coming Together for Children, Youth and Families




Conflict Resolution

Management Forum

Youth and Crime Conference

Advanced Crime Victim Advocacy

Working with Resistant Adolescents and their Families

Spirituality in Professional Practice



Do the Right Thing: Social Work Ethics

The Power of Purpose



Employed by Edina Public Schools 

Edina, Minnesota, USA - 2000-2003



What They Never Taught You in School about Chem. Dep.

Graduation Standards for Special Education Students

Individual Education Plan Computer Training

Critical Role of School Social Work in the Changing Educational Climate

Attachments Past & Present: Meeting the Needs of Children in Schools

A Framework for Understanding Poverty

Teaching Culture through Laughter

Violence in the Workplace

Emotional Intelligence with Daniel Goleman

Social Skills Training with Autistic Children



Raising Resilient Children with Dr. Brooks

Sexual Orientation: Supporting GBLT Students

Dealing with Anxiety Disorders

Social Worker Web Page Development

Improving Academic Performance of ADHD Students

Asperger Syndrome through the School Years: Adolescent

Everybody’s Children: GLBTQ Students

Stop Bullying, Harassment and Violence

Crisis Prevention Intervention Training

Differentiated Instruction

The Victim-Bully Relationship

A Year in the Life of a Suburban High School

Eating Disorders: Awareness and Education



Violence in the Workplace

Thought Field Therapy Certification Training (15 hours)

Valley View Staff Development (12 hours)

Foreign Kids in a Foreign School



Embracing Diversity Using Inspiration Software

A Global Perspective in Embracing Diversity

How to Write Web-Based Individual Education Plans

Respectful Schools



UNHCR-ICMC Resettlement Deployment Training, Stockholm, Sweden (3 days)



Employed in my Private Counselling Practice 

Geneva, Switzerland - 2006 to present



Healer/Chakra Technician of the Broffman Body Mirror System of Healing and Self-Knowledge, Copenhagen, Denmark  (4-day training)

Webster University Counseling Conference, Building Bridges: Supporting Individuals and Families in Transition (17 hours)



Transformational Chairwork with focus on Addictions (7 hours)

World of Dreams, Jungian Perspective (7 hours)

Sexual Abuse and Recovery (12 hours)

Gottman Method Couples Therapy Training Level 1, Gras, Austria  (18 hours)

Past Life Regression Therapy, Dr. Brian Weiss, Upstate New York (25 hours)



Psychosexual Therapuetic Practice (12 hours)

Webster University Counselling Psychology Conference (8 hours)



Simplifying Personality Disorders, Christine Padesky (14 hours)

Taking Therapy Outdoors, Dr. Martin Jordan and Hayley Marshall

Battle, England (20 hours)



Introduction to Hakomi Therapy, Helsinki, Finland (17 hours)

Hakomi Practitioner Training, London, UK (24 hours)

Hakomi Practitioner Training, London, UK (24 hours)



Hakomi Practitioner Training, London, UK (24 hours)

Hakomi Practitioner Training, London, UK (24 hours)

Hakomi Practitioner Training, London, UK (24 hours)

Hakomi Practitioner Training, Bilbao, ES (35 hours)


Hakomi Practitioner Training, London, UK (30 hours)

Hakomi Practitioner Training, London, UK (24 hours)

Introduction to Hakomi Therapy, Geneva, CH (8 hours)

Hakomi Practitioner Training, Bilbao, ES (35 hours)

Hakomi Practitioner Training, London, UK (24 hours)

Introduction to Hakomi Therapy, Geneva, CH (8 hours)


Gottman Method Couples Therapy Level 2: Clinical Training; Assessment, Intervention and Co-Morbidities (19 hours)

Hakomi Practitioner Training, London, UK (18 hours)

Gottman Method Couples Therapy Level 3: Clinical Training; Practicum, Simcoe, Canada (21 hours)

Hakomi Practitioner Training, Devon, UK (18 hours)


Early Developmental Ruptures and Nurturing Resilience, Webster University 

Geneva, CH (8 hours)

Hakomi Practitioner Training, Devon, UK (30 hours)

Hakomi Practitioner Training, Oslo, Norway (32 hours)


Hakomi Certification Supervision with Georgia Marvin, HEN (12.5 hours online)

Gottman Method Couples Therapy Certification Track Supervision (9 hours)


Hakomi Certification completed 8 February 2021

EMDR training, Thrive Training and Publications, North Carolina, USA (40 hours)


Brainspotting Phase One, Online Training, USA (21 hours)


Brainspotting Phase Two, Online Training, USA (21 hours)



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