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Engage with Others

Research shows that people who are happily married or in happy long-term relationships have better health and therefore live longer than those who are unhappily single or in dysfunctional long-term relationships. That's not to say that long-term relationships or co-habitating are for everyone. But the research does consistently show a positive benefit from the love and support of positve social interactions over time. Love and support can be received from good friends as well as from life partners.


As many of the expats here in Geneva know, it is not easy to form a new social support network of good friends. It takes a lot of time and effort. And then the new friend transfers out-of-country and all of our effort is lost and must restart. Do not despair because all the efforts and energy expended are well worth it!


The general rule is to pursue your passions, and while doing those things, unless they are all solo activities, you will meet people with the same passions as you; a great basis for new friends. 


For newcomers to Geneva, here are a few of the organizations where one can join to pursue your passions and meet others doing the same.


American International Women's Club

As you may infer, this club is for women only, and is a great venue for a host of varied activities for women from all over the world. (Only about 30% are American, despite the name.)



An English-speaking group with over 92,000 members has something for everyone. And if you don't find something to your taste, you can start your own group, activity or forum and invite others to join. You can also post free ads for housing, goods, professional services or jobs.


InterNations Geneva

InterNations is the world's number one expat community online. You can find groups in most big cities around the world.


Organization of Women in International Trade (OWIT)

Open to both men and women, this is a great organization to give and receive support in your business and career.


American International Club of Geneva

Composed of over 1200 members, this club is for Americans by invitation from an existing member. They invite numerous important speakers per year to address the group.


Know-it-all Passport

This guide book and web site provide newcomers with all the information they need to settle in to the Geneva and Vaud areas. A valuable education guide is also available here.


Benefits of Marriage and Long-Term Relationships

A WebMD article cites the current referenced research which shows this.






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