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Coastal Healing

Coastal areas are favorite holiday destinations for many people. Why? The color blue has a lot to do with it. Research shows that the color blue has the most significant effect to reduce stress of all the colours. When a person is on a beach with a wide expanse of sea or lake in front of them and an endless blue sky above them, that's a double dose of the color blue for calming tension, reducing blood pressure and for relaxing troubling thoughts. This is visually accessible healing.

Keep reading to understand the healing effects of water and other coastal elements.

In addition to the color blue, the coastal areas provide a range of many other health benefits. The articles, videos and books below talk about beliefs about the healing effects of the sea from the past and more recent research.

The Historic Healing Power of the Beach (article)

What the Beach Does for Your Brain (video)

Does living by the coast improve health and well-being? (article)

“Nature is medicine — a walk on the beach; a surfing session; a stroll through the woods heals us. It fixes what is broken inside of us. Nature can reduce our stress, it can make us more creative and bring us together.”                    -- Dr. Wallace J. Nichols, Blue Mind