Mountain Healing

Since the beginning of human history, mountains have had an extraordinary power to evoke the sacred in our lives. Regarded as places of mystery and spiritual attainment by people in every culture, mountains arouse feelings of reverence and awe.

"I am proud to say I belong to the mountains. They sincerely have a perfect answer for call of the void. It is within one of these formidable creations that I become whole and focused. It is in this beautiful, soothing, and fairly remote environment that I no longer have to look for reasons beyond myself. It is here that I take a step closer to realizing who I am.more...                                                                                                                   Choki Wangmo

"The mountains physically and spiritually support and feed the Q'eros, and for that matter, the rest of the world. Each mountain around the world is connected to each other in a worldwide network that stores and transmits tremendous amounts of energy crucial to the environment on earth.  more...

                                                                                      Gina O'Connor