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The Resources

On these pages, you will find resources for working with yourself that I often recommend to my clients to help them start the change process. The process of change can take time; it can be scary and difficult; it can take many turns; it can take you into unchartered territory. Change is evidence that you are moving forward, growing and evolving. Be gentle and kind with yourself, giving yourself easily achievable intentions.


The resources here form a holistic range of eight human experiences in the areas of emotion, thoughts, behaviors, the physical body, social interactions, spirituality, playing in nature and intimate relationships. There is something for everyone.


These pages are meant to be interactive, so I encourage you to share your experiences with these resources, share other resources that have worked for you or to ask questions. For this purpose, you'll find a comment box at the bottom of each page.


Disclaimer: Some of these resources will work for you and some will not work for you, as we are all different. You are responsible for determining which ones are best for you. I am not responsible for any harm that comes to you from experimenting with these resources. 



Change Your Mind

Behave Differently

Engage with Others

Connect with your Higher Self


Nature Healing


Love Yourself


COVID-19 Resources

Open Your Heart

Listen to your Body

Go Play Outside

Intimate Relationships

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